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BUSINESS FOCUS #1: St. Catherine’s Frozen Dessertz

St. Catherine Pompey is an entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago. She is the CEO of St. Catherine Frozen Desserts. I had the opportunity to chat with her about this feature of Business Focus.

St. Catherine’s Frozen Desserts was founded in 2018 and specializes in frozen food and beverages desserts. The business focuses on creating desserts inspired by the diverse culture and unique flavours of fruits and spices of the Caribbean. She manufactures desserts ranging from popsicles, ice creams, smoothies, sucker bags, and any other traditional desserts made in Trinidad and Tobago.

Business Focus: St. Catharine’s Frozen Dessertz

The reason behind St. Catherine's Frozen Dessertz

There is a challenge finding local desserts and treats that are uniquely inspired by Trinidad and Tobago's diverse culture at an affordable price. It is the only business of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago that offers a combination of products for all tastebuds and backgrounds.


I market to anyone who has a sweet tooth craving. Children, adults, healthy lifestyles, guilty pleasures, while remaining cost-conscious.

Recent Wins:

Having my business registered, launching the product line, building customers, customers requesting the products to be at shops and supermarkets

Recent Challenges:

I've found it a challenge working with businesses to purchase our product at wholesale to retail at their existing establishments. As a new brand on the market, we're not really recognized and businesses are not ready to take the chance to retail our products yet.


Stop procrastinating, start now, and trust the process.



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